Wednesday, July 11, 2012

After months of testing, the core rules are finally being updated so that the posted rules now resemble the rules being tested. See the full change log after the break.

Stay tuned for further updates. Testing has just begun so these are not going to be the last changes!

Change Log for 7-11-2012

Table of Contents
- Glossary of terms moved between Chapter 15 and the Appendices, unless new readers want to be greeted by two and a half pages of definitions instead of rules.

Chapter 2
- Weapon Proficiency and Hit Point perks removed as possible Cutie Mark perks. Testing demonstrated that SPECIAL based weapon skills and hit point generation worked better than anticipated, making weapon proficiency perks and hit dice redundant.

Chapter 3
- Base Attack Bonus entry removed. The shift toward the use of weapon skills renders BAB redundant.

- Removed based starting perks as weapon proficiencies and hit dice are no longer used.

- Replaced hit dice with a SPECIAL inspired formula to determine a character’s total hit points.

Chapter 4
- Weapon Skills (Big Guns, Energy Weapons, Melee Throwing, Small Guns, Throwing, Unarmed) added.

Chapter 5
- Changed the Improved Defenses perk to have three ranks instead of one. Testing has demonstrated defenses to be low compared to attack bonuses and this is a provisional measure to help compensate.

- Removed Weapon Focus and Weapon Proficiency perks, as their effects are now covered by skill tags and weapon skills.

- Removed Hit Point perks along with the hit point overhaul.

- Removed Cap Collector as testing proved the ability to gain caps with each Level Up! made the perk too desirable.

Chapter 8
- Clarified that the armor number provided by armor grants DR instead of a defense bonus. This is in line with shift from armor as AC to armor as DR playtest data recommends.

- Updated clothing with version that included bonuses to defenses.

- Reorganized the weapon tables to reflect the new weapon groups.

Chapter 9
- Changed the amount of damage that an unconscious character suffers or taken from an attack that reduces a character to 0 hit points is the character’s massive damage threshold +10 instead of massive damage threshold alone.

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