Friday, June 29, 2012

Rule Changes for 6/27/2012:

Damage thresh hold limit increased: The reason we decided to up the limit by ten because Dares and Jack nearly died and Silverlight did die.  While normally we would not consider upping the limit, Silverlight avoided one critical with her earth pony grit and was still dropped from over half to dead.

After a fight between Dares, Jack, Stuka(level 3) verses Splash and Mr. Buck(level 6), we've decided to limit players to spending one luck point per roll rather than up to all of them on one roll.  80% of the rolls for that combat were criticals thanks to good rolling and spending a lot of luck points.  That fight lasted all of three rounds, ending with both Splash and Mr. Buck dead despite raising the damage thresh hold.  We do have a proposed perk that would allow one pony to spend up to two points per roll.  It is on probation, as it may still be too good.

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