Thursday, July 26, 2012

Session 7/25/12

Session 7/25/12 notes:

Nopony and Dares were able to sneak in and steal the special junction talisman out of the drill, allowing Grace to place it in the reactor.  As she goes to do this, she is surrounded by rad roaches falling from the ceiling.  This doesn't prove to be a problem as she takes out most of them.

The Junction talisman fits and allows Grace to power the reactor.  Needing a second one to replace what the party removed from the drill, everypony has to travel through the robot's maintenance area that Grace manged to fill with enemies by critically failing a repair check.  Gentlecolt Jack proves to be an asset as he takes most of the robots down to one.  The party clears the room, gives Grace time to whip out a second junction talisman and sets up the robots she was able to hack to protect the drill.  She sets the second junction talisman in and uses her horn to power the drill.

This does kill the hydra, but Grace suffers severely from using the jack [IE she drops down to -5 on the condition track] and requires Nopony's special brews to be able to recover, but she is left very weak from the fight.  Once the party all knows that Grace will live, they load her into the cart that brought everypony to go back to town.

And naturally greeted by Miracle, who's minding Jack's saloon, wielding a frying pan to all the ponies other than Jack.  He is able to talk her down, so the party goes to sleep for the night.

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