Sunday, July 15, 2012

Thank you every pony who has visited out site : )

In our play testers last session, Grace and Dares got to test the increased damage threshold.  At least from them it's a two hooves up.  Rather than the four hooves up Silverlight gave the previous rule design.

A little background for everyone reading, as well as a picture.  Silverlight, the grey mare with a sea foam and white mane was the groups first doctor.  A wandering medic originally from Tenpony Tower, she met an early end thanks to a raider rifle and is the final reason we all agreed to make it harder for ponies to be out right killed in combat.

Who-Dares-Wins or just Dares, is the resident pegasus.  He's a generally good pony and currently leader by default.  Though he does get teased by the other ponies endlessly as no other pegasus will even talk to him.

Amazing Grace, the group's unicorn and stable dweller.  She had an even less stellar introduction to the wastleland than Littlepip.  Being vented out through her stable's incinerator(which was fortunately off) and immediately captured by raiders has caused Grace to be very leery around strangers and unlikely to part with the group.  She's the groups second medic, though she's far more comfortable treating sprains and bruises than the bullet wounds she's been exposed to.

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