Monday, July 23, 2012

Session 7/19/12

Notes for 7/19/12 session:

In our previous session, the party was journeying through a diamond mine when they encountered a hydra who managed to critical it's sneak check.  When Dares flew down to check out the mine he was surprised by a hydra who used him for batting practice.  Grace used her telekinesis to try and remove him from the hydra she was attacked and dropped to zero.  Jack, our resident earth pony gambler and Nopony, sniper and melee expert desert/waste wanderer worked together to distract the hydra so Nopony could safely move Dares and Grace into a side room that the hydra couldn't reach.

Today Grace checked out the reactor to discover one of two things.  One, the reactor itself isn't going to be powering anything since the junction was burned out leaving her no means of creating a new one and two, pony power is used as a back up power source.  That's right, the medic got her work out trying to power up the robots that she could reprogram to be able to aid the party against the hydra.  It took her almost running her heart out, but she was able to get that much powered back on and key'ed in to only fighting the hydra.  While she was running, Dares and Nopony scouted the mines to try and find a safer way of accessing the drill and avoiding the 'roaches that are down there.  This was a partial success.  They were able to find a safer way, but were not able to avoid all of the roaches.  However this did result in a spectacular show of melee inaction from Dares who competed in heroic level slap fighting with a roach.  I'm sure he would have won in time, but Nopony grew bored waiting and squashed both the 'roach and Dares's chance of winning.

This leaves the hydra battle for next week.
Rule changes/tweaks: we're going to shift flanking to plus two rather than loosing your agility score to defense.  That will be surprise round only "half-hoofed" that a pony looses their score to defense.

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