Thursday, August 16, 2012

Some thoughts about characters:

One of the best and hardest things about role playing games are the characters.  They often drive the story as much, if not more so, than the events.  I'm not an accredited expert on the subject, so take this for what it's worth.  I find that characters can come from anything and anywhere if you do one thing: shut up your inner critic.

That was the first thing my high school teacher told us when writing any creative piece.  "Shut off your editor and just write."  I have more than a few silly ideas that, honestly, will most likely never be seen by eyes that aren't mine.  Among the literally over a hundred names and notes I have jotted down, two characters truly stick out to me that feel... separate, of their own mind, and yes, alive.

I've looked up what makes a good character online and asked teachers when I've written creative pieces for classes.  Most of their answers can be summarized by 'don't stereotype'.  Extremely helpful, isn't it?  It's difficult to explain how one comes up with character ideas or goes about creating a character.  I'll post in the player's section a more detailed way of creating a character using my first for FO:E, Silverlight, as an example here.  Hopefully that will let you see what I'm thinking when I create a character/how I go about refining an idea.

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  1. Why did you guys stop? It's been a while since I've seen anything really on this site and it sorta saddens me. Me and my group have picked this up and are quite enjoying it ^_^ Although we fixed/changed a bunch of things :P Anyways it would be cool to know that you guys did not give up on this. It's really fun since Fallout is my favorite game universe ever and MLP my fav TV one. To mash them together is the best and to be able to enjoy it through RP is over the top! Anyways hope you guys are faring well! We are playing this the entire weekend ^_^ Well, keep up the great work and have a great day!