Friday, August 3, 2012

Rules Change Log, 8/3/2012

FO:E - APMRPG continues to mutate as the testing feedback rolls in and the design team learns again that no rule survives first contact with players.

In addition, some new mechanics are presented, ranging from the debut of APMRPG's first attempt at represent alchemy to a forgotten perk to help characters visit Miss Fortune on their foes.

This week's changes and a collection of grammar edits have already been incorporated into the rules so they are all set to download and go. You can find a highlight of the big changes after the break.

New Perks-

Daring Doo
Just when your enemies think they have the upper hand, Daring Doo appears to turn their world upside down. Swinging in on the back of success, she has the ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. 
Prerequisites: LK 6, Level 10
Benefit: Whenever you roll a natural 20 on an attack roll, you may make another attack against the target with the same attack modifier as a free action. If successful, the attack deals 3d8 stun damage with a damage bonus equal to half your level (FRD).

Rule Changes-

The Aim Action in Chapter 9: Combat changed to reduce defense bonus from cover instead of ignore defense bonus from cover. This provides characters a needed source of protection from attack rolls and keeps cover seeking smart behavior against snipers.

First draft Alchemy rules added to the Knowledge (arcane science) in Chapter 4: Skills.
Alchemy: You can use your arcane knowledge to create potions. A potion is an alchemical effect created from a recipe that mimics the effect of one of the spells from Chapter 6: Magic. To create a potion, make a Knowledge (arcane science) check. Creating a potions requires one hour of crafting time and a number of arcane parts equal to the number of levels of success.
The potion can be used at a later time as a spell with a Use Magic check equal to the Knowledge (arcane science) check used to create it. The casting time become the type of action required to use the potion in addition to the swift action required to draw the potion from saddle bags or a harness.
Potions with an area effect such as Pyrokinetics and Whirlwind must be thrown to their target's location to take effect. This throw is treated as a ranged attack with a throwing weapon against 10 Reflex Defense.
Alchemy maybe used to craft more typical chems. One does of a chem maybe created with a Knowledge (arcane science) check against a DC equal to 10 + the chem's TU value. The check requires one hour of crafting time and arcane parts equal to the chem's TU value. 

Electrical Parts renamed to Arcane Parts throughout the document. A description change that resulted from a discussion of how to incorporate alchemy and explosives crafting into a d20 Apocalypse based parts system. Using electrical parts to brew potions had an odd feel, but gems can do that in this setting. Changing electrical parts to arcane parts made it easier to visualize how the same part can be used for both wiring and magic in a bottle.

Added a Use Magic modifier to the Magical Talent mutations in Chapter 13: Life in the Wasteland. Playtesters found that the mutations let ghouls use spells with out a method for determining their effect. Oops.

Added a notation of the visual effects of the overkill that results from exceeding the target's massive damage threshold +10 in Chapter 9: Combat. Hey, cannot have a Fallout game without over the top death animations.

Reduced Starting Wealth in Chapter 2: Character Creation. This is in response to level 1 characters beginning play miniguns and and plasma weapons.

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